Monday, 10 September 2012

Late Summer

Here are a few images as means of a catch up, after the seabird colony trips photographic subjects can be quite varied and often you have to really go looking or be creative in what you do. My macro lens certainly gets used more during this part of the year which forces me to be creative and get familiar with new subjects which is something I like doing!

Insects such as this Bush Cricket below are always fun, they are very active and do not pose for long!

I focused on Slow Worms for a few weeks trying out different things with them, at first I was trying to find a location where they were in quite an urban setting but things didn't seem to pan out and instead some in a woodland location seemed more photogenic.  I really enjoyed photographing these chaps, there isn't much to them but creating nice simple images was my goal and they are quite charismatic!

Another mini photography project involved a Harvest Mouse. I've always wanted to photographic these mammals but finding them in the wild is really tricky! I cheated a little and "hired" a captive subject from a friend who works with animals. After acquiring the animal, making sure its welfare is always paramount and finding some suitable places to perch the little chap I could begin taking some images. The Harvest Mouse was taken to outdoor locations with many measures taken to make sure it didn't escape and images that I had in mind were achieved, was fun to try something different!

My Green Woodpecker family that live and breed in the school playing field were once again present and active. Being a school I cannot readily point the camera at it, which is understandable but during summer the kids are away and I get the chance, shame I cannot set up a hide on the field but shots like this are still achievable!

A trip camping in the New Forest and venturing to Dorset at the end of August was more of a holiday than anything else but a few photographic opportunities did present themselves including some Red Squirrels on Brownsea Island and a pond full of Raft Spiders at Arne RSPB

Derbyshire was also visited where I had some great fun photographing a Water Vole that was completely unaware of my presence chomping on some vegetation in a lovely lush green location.

To round up the month I also visited Regent's Park to try and get a different Heron shot and at work a Tanner Beetle was found on the office wall allowing my macro lens to get some more use, overall for a traditional "quiet time" of the year I found this to be very productive photographing a range of species. The bird photographers often pack up when this time comes but making use of a range of lenses and being interested in other types of animals can pay dividends.