Friday, 18 May 2012

Foxy Lady

Here are some images I took recently of an inquisitive vixen Fox at one of my local nature reserves, she has become tolerant of human presence which makes for a great photographic subject! Enjoy! 


  1. WOW! Great photos!!
    How lucky can one get!
    I have been in a hide for hours on end desperately trying to take pictures of very wild pups but the grass is high!
    Once, I got lucky late at night and caught a quick glimpse of one parent... time for only one shot!
    Bravo! Cheers!

  2. An absolutely beautiful series Ben. So many beautiful images, in different conditions: The superb black background and the ones using the foliage and grass to frame. Class.

  3. Great set Ben,just wish we had one up here that was as co operating.Well done!

  4. Thanks alot everyone for looking and commenting, was a great experience! Will hopefully have some images with cubs soon!

  5. what stunning images of the little fox