Friday, 18 May 2012

Foxy Lady

Here are some images I took recently of an inquisitive vixen Fox at one of my local nature reserves, she has become tolerant of human presence which makes for a great photographic subject! Enjoy! 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Up North

A couple of weekends ago myself, Dan Trim and Ed Taylor had a great weekend in County Durham. We were keen on witnessing a Black Grouse lek and this is the best place in the England to see it. Hearing the sounds of upland birds all displaying in pitch black is something I will never forget,the night in the tent before hand was all forgotten when Snipe were drumming and we could hear the bubbling Black Grouse. As the "sun" came up (we didn't see the sun but it got lighter) we saw a field full of Black Grouse,probably 25 of them with the males displaying. Great views through a scope.

For the rest of the day we drove the narrow country lanes photographing Lapwing, Redshank, Golden Plover, Red Grouse, Wheatear, Meadow Pipit and the stars of the day Snipe which called from their posts come rain or shine. The added bonus of 3 hunting Short Eared Owls during the day was a bonus and all in all it was a great weekend. We went back and did it all again Sunday and perfected our skills of pulling alongside the birds to get the shots.

Here are some of the images I took, I still have a few images to process but I just don't have the time at the moment to work through them! Enjoy
Short Eared Owl






Golden Plover

Meadow Pipit

Black Grouse