Sunday, 18 March 2012

Vole Patrol

Here are a selection of images of a Bank Vole photographed in my mate Adam's garden. He was popping out from underneath a shed and foraging for any seeds dropped from the bird feeders around a compost heap. We enjoyed photographing him around the compost heap but also decided to create an interesting "set" to photograph him in.

A rusty pipe was lying around and by placing some seeds at the entrance of the pipe we encouraged the Vole to run through the pipe to grab the seeds, we laid down on the floor to get a good perspective of his world and he became so used to us he wouldn't just run through the pipe but would sit at it's entrance eating before scampering back to the shed, i say "he"....this may be a female with young somewhere or we could've been in the company of a pair of Voles and just kept seeing one at a time! Who knows but we enjoyed photographing something a bit different and often overlooked. Enjoy!


  1. Can you get cuter in photography than this? Doubt it. Great shots Ben.

  2. Thanks alot Christian, really appreciate you continuing to look at my blog!