Tuesday, 11 October 2011

USA Trip Part Two: Seaside Snowy

Plenty of birdlife was seen on my USA trip, i managed to see around 75 new species or "lifers" as they are known, 2 of them were Egret species...the Great Egret and Snowy Egret. Pulling into one of the state beaches on the drive down from San Francisco to L.A to see what was about a tidal pool held both species of Egret feeding together as the photo below shows.

I got down on my belly and crawled through wet cold sand towards the birds, the weather was rather overcast which was rare on the trip but this softer light was probably favourable when tackling bright white birds rather than harsh midday sun. As i crawled the Great Egret started to look wary and inevitably walked off to the back of the large pool and in a very un-photographable position. The Snowy Egret continued to feed close to the pools edge and didn't seem to notice my slow approach, my experience of Little Egrets in Europe lead me to believe that the Snowy (which is very similar in size/appearance etc) would soon be spooked and i wouldn't get anything decent. I was wrong, it stayed and fed and i got closer and it never once worried about my presence, i spent about 20 minutes with the bird until i made my retreat and was very happy with this collection of images...

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