Wednesday, 12 October 2011

USA Trip Part Three: A Whole Lotta Otter!

Probably one of the best wildlife experiences of the trip was a great close up encounter with an Otter near to Monteray. We had pulled in to a harbour to scan for waders and also seen a number of Sea Otters floating about on their backs sleeping, these were however quite distant but they were our first ever Otters we had seen so were quite content and drove off in the hope of a closer encounter. As we headed for the main road we saw a man lying on the floor near to the water filming something, we stopped to check it out, all we could see was water...strange! We approached the man and he told us to sit down quietly and wait, after a few minutes up popped an Otter! WOW! We then spent over 30 minutes watching it dive down for clams and use the small rock it had tucked under it's arm to break open the clams and then devour them.

Was a really amazing experience as the Otter was so close and another Otter also swam over to have a meeting, was truly memorable! Images below do not show a great deal of variety, unfrotunately the Otter repeated it's behaviour and did very little else, the light was dismal too so there wasn't alot of scope for a variety of shots but nevertheless i would've been happy with the experience alone, camera or no camera! Enjoy...


  1. Hi Ben

    Some SERIOUSLY great shots in this series, especially the applauding/praying/"please sir, can I have some more?" otter, and the lovely cuddling moment! Oh, and the 'sleeping Grandpa' is beautiful. What a quality post.

  2. Thanks alot Christian, really appreciate you looking and commenting on my images!