Sunday, 23 October 2011

USA Trip Part Ten: Lovers of meat!

Raptors were one of the most obvious birds seen on my USA trip and behind waders were probably the most numerous type of bird seen. However as with the UK it wasn't always easy to get close to them and most of the time views were from a fast moving car or simply birds soaring high above us which isn't ideal for photography. We did see a few Hawks and Falcons on fence posts but once again they weren't keen on us approaching even slowly in the car and usually took off before we got level with them. Here are my better efforts, some merely serve as record shots but can't complain...

Bald Eagle - Only spotted one, and it was very distant!

Turkey Vulture -by far the most numerous bird seen on the whole trip, sometimes in massive groups as this photo suggests...

American Kestel - the first bird i saw on the trip as it hunted on the rough grass at LAX Airport, often seen on posts but quite flighty...

Red Shouldered Hawk

Red Tailed Hawk


  1. What a fantastic array of raptors Ben - right up my street! The red Shouldered hawk is stunning and the Red Tailed Hawk is a great BIF.

  2. Thanks alot Christian, always enjoying seeing Raptors and to get some images of them is always pleasing!