Wednesday, 19 October 2011

USA Trip Part Six: Desert Life

Time spent in the Mojave Desert area was reduced just to a few days, we did really enjoy our time driving through it and saw some great landscapes as well as wildlife. Birds such as Cactus Wren, Ladder Backed Woodpecker and California Thrasher were seen and poor images were obtained that may be shown here in a later blog. A lone sighting of a Greater Roadrunner (known as the "Earth Cuckoo" and in the Cuckoo family) as we were driving prompted me to fling myself out of the car and see if i could obtain any images, it was just one of those birds i wanted to see before even leaving the UK! Luckily the bird seemed extremely tame, it can fly but its flight is very weak and so prefers to run along the ground, this helped as i could keep track of the bird but it did have an akward habit of darting in and out of shade and vegetation making photography tricky. In the end i left the bird feeding and realised how far away i'd left Erin back in the car by the roadside, sometimes you can get completely lost in nature photography both physically and mentally!

Joshua Tree National Park was host to many of the desert specialities we saw including the famous Joshua Tree's which were fun to photograph in different ways...

Apart from the Big Horn Sheep mammals were few and far between, we caught glimpes of Gray Fox and Black Tailed Jackrabbit (Desert Hare) as well as this Desert Chipmunk...

2 species of Quail were also encountered running along the roadside and ducking into vegetation, even into people's frontyards! California Quail was encountered frequently as well as Gambel's Quail...

The desert was certainly fun with it's long straight roads and big skies, will have to return one day...


  1. Very enjoyable images to view.

  2. Thanks alot Christian, glad you are enjoying the blog and continuing to view it, probably got around 5-6 more USA posts to stick up before i finally return to UK stuff...hope you dont get bored!

  3. Dubai Desert Safari nice blog i like to visit it again and again