Sunday, 9 October 2011

USA Trip Part One: Desert Sheep

I have just returned from a great holiday with Erin to the USA. We drove from L.A to Las Vegas, across to San Francisco and back to L.A and inbetween these cities visited a number of national parks and amazing areas for wildlife. I have plenty of images to share ranging from landscapes and mammals to birds, reptiles and insects, it really was packed with plenty of great wildlife moments!

My first post contains a range of images of the Desert Big Horned Sheep that inhabit the arid regions of California, these images were all taken in Joshua Tree National Park. The sheep are a wild animal that originally crossed over to the USA from Siberia, this particular subspecies has specially adapted to the desert lifestyle they are forced to lead often going without water for weeks even months at a time and climbing high rocky areas. As this was the breeding season we found a large group of around 12 individuals that had found a small amount of water mainly consisting of females but with 2 or 3 adult males sporting their impressive large rounded horns.

All images were taken in the last hour of the day with the backdrop of an amazing sunset (we were treated to many amazing sunsets and lots of glorious weather on the trip!) Enjoy...


  1. Classy Monochrome shot at the top Ben.

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  3. What a wonderful series of Big Horn Sheep photos! Beautiful colors! I am headed to Joshua Tree next month and really hope to see some.

  4. Thanks alot! It really is a special place and well worth spending some time at!

  5. wow Nice collection you have. Now a days very few people love these creatures.
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