Sunday, 16 October 2011

USA Trip Part Four: Yosemite National Park

During our trip we visited Las Vegas to attend a wedding, straight after this hectic time spent in the city we drove to Yosemite National Park which was completely different! We stayed in Curry Village in one of the static canvas tents which puts you right at the valley floor. Yosemite was simply stunning, the scenery was amazing and there is plenty of wildlife around, we had 3 full days in the park which felt just about right but im sure we could've spent longer. This post will also feature some scenery shots as well as the wildlife...

One of the meadows on the valley floor

Lodgepole Chimpmunk

One of the many fast flowing rivers in the park

Ground Squirrel

Stellar's Blue Jay

Me photographing Mule Deer in the meadow

Common Merganser on the river

Scrub Jay

Brewer's Blackbird Male...

...and Female

Another pictueresque view!

Common Raven

Mule Deer

The view from Glacier Point with me in the corner!