Sunday, 23 October 2011

USA Trip Part Fourteen: Best of the Rest!

This is my final post from my USA trip, didn't realise how much i actually packed in to the 3 weeks i was there! This is the "Best of the Rest", unfortunately most of these images aren't that good but are images nevertheless and merely represent records of some of the really cool birds we saw on the trip but couldn't quite manage a decent shot of! I hope you have enjoyed reading my trip reports and maybe they have inspired you to visit the USA as part of a wildlife trip, my trip certainly wasn't wildlife based and we actually spent over a week of it in cities such as LA, San Francisco and Las Vegas but it just goes to show what you can see "wildlife wise" just when driving or talking a scenic walk! Enjoy....back to the UK stuff soon!

Canyon Wren, Joshua Tree NP

Pair of Acorn Woodpeckers, Yosemite NP

Mountain Chickadee, Mono Lake

Ladder Backed Woodpecker, Joshua Tree NP

Bank Swallow, Guadeloupe

Black Throated Sparrow, Joshuar Tree NP

Northern Flicker

Clark's Nutcracker, Yosemite NP

White Headed Woodpecker, Yosemite National Park

Brown Creeper, Yosemite NP

House Finch, Pismo Beach

White Crowned Sparrow

Common Grackle

Anna's Hummingbird, Monteray BayC

USA Trip Part Thirteen: The Pelican Brief

This is my penultimate post from my USA trip and i have saved one of my favourite birds of the trip until the end. The Brown Pelican is the smallest of the 8 species of Pelican and we saw the Californian sub-species all along the California coastline from San Francisco all the way down to Las Angeles. The Brown Pelican has been threatened by many issues in the past including DDT and various crude oil spills but is having a comeback and numbers are now stable. All the Pelicans we observed had moulted into winter plumage with the adults having white heads and the juveniles brown.

Observing these prehistoric looking birds was always a treat, they are very confiding as they rest up around human populated areas such as piers and docks and i feel that with this species i managed to capture more of a range of photos than any other i encountered during the trip, i feel that i have a group of images to be proud of so here they are!

USA Trip Part Twelve: Life at Sea

Here are a few images of wildlife that we predominantly found around the coast or out at sea...

Pelagic Cormorant

Ring Billed Gull

Brandt's Cormorant - breeds on Alcatraz!

Heermann's Gull - probably the most numerous Gull we saw

California Sea Lion at the famour Pier 39, San Francisco

The next few images are from a Whale Watching trip from Monteray where we saw just the fin of an Orca and that was it! Ah well! Some good birds seen but not photographed inc Pomarine Jaeger, Black Footed Albatross, Sooty and Pink Footed Shearwater...

Rhinocerous Auklet

Common Murre

Risso's Dolphin

Mola Mola (Sun Fish)

Heermann's Gull (different plumage)

Harbour Seal

Elephant Seal, unfortunately we were a bit early in the year to see the big males which hadn't arrived yet but some juveniles were beginning to test their strength out, amazing animals!