Monday, 19 September 2011

Grey Day but not weather wise!

Had a superb morning at Grafham Water on Sunday. Met some really nice birders who were really helpful when it came to finding the beautiful Grey Phalarope. Myself and Matt observed it running around the shoreline feeding not worried by the crowd of onlookers or the fishermen, some walking right past it! People always say these birds are tame and this one certainly was!

We asked permission to go down to the shoreline for some photographs which we were granted and the low angle really improved the photography, the beautiful sunny morning helped too! Once down on the shoreline myself and Matt laid a good distance away from the bird, we don't have massive lenses so just hoped that the Phalarope would walk towards, it began to head in our direction which was amazing, it clearly was not phased by human presence and wasn't disturbed by us being there, soon it was only feet away feeding and swimming and then it swam right alongside us, it was too close to focus for my camera so this was a real opportunity to look up and watch the bird properly, making eye contact with it you really appreciate how amazing looking they are and this beat any distant view through a scope, this was getting close to nature but still respecting the animal, it wasn't in the least bit disturbed and we got some amazing shots.

The bird moved past us and carried on feeding down the shoreline, we took this opportunity to move away and leave it alone, amazing!

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  1. As good as any I've seen of this lovely bird Ben and number 5 is a pose that I have not seen anywhere else.