Wednesday, 3 August 2011

River Level

Spend a lovely summers afternoon with Erin down by the river yesterday, it was typical of British summertime, we arrived and set up our lunch watching thunder and lightning as a Kingfisher wizzed past and Buzzards thermalled above, this was quickly followed by a heavy burst of rain that only lasted about 10 minutes, after that we received a couple of hours of glorious sunshine with temperatures hitting 28 degrees! Erin quickly decided to go paddling in the river and i soon followed, upon entering it it was clear we were right in the middle of a Banded Demoiselle territory with 1 female and 3 fighting males, they seemed less nervous of me in the water so i grabbed my macro lens!

Spent the next hour with them, the bright sunshine didn't help but made the best of it and i took the plunge and kneeled down in the river with just my shoulders, head and camera not getting wet! Getting on "river level" with them really made for some interesting photos and as with birds it felt like i was more in tune with nature and allowed for some intimate shots including 2 of them mating.....enjoy! (excuse the river monster at the end!)


  1. I spent a bit of time with a few of these beauties today but didn't get that low down! Lovely series Ben.

  2. Thanks alot for all the nice comments!