Monday, 25 July 2011

Rutland Ospreys

3 Young have successfully fledged in Manton Bay, Rutland Water. After a wedding reception in Lincolnshire Erin and myself popped in on the way home to take a look. All 5 birds were stationary on various posts, pylons, trees and the nest site for alot of the time so photography wasn't going to be on the cards as they are a fair distance from the hide (esp with my lens)...

However a group of people appeared out of nowhere and began walking towards the edge of the water and towards the nest site, this is clearly very much frowned upon and probably illegal! It was a bit of a blessing as all birds took to the air and flew slightly towards the hide away from the people allowing for some slightly closer views and a few ok-ish images! It turns out the people were Polish and had no idea they weren't allowed down there, they were quickly removed from the site and the birds all settled back down apart from the adult male who used this time to catch a fish and then present it to the family.

It was stunning just to watch these birds and to see 5 in the air at once was amazing, the visitor centre is worth the trip alone just to see the nest cam and see the birds up close!

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