Saturday, 30 July 2011

Cricket Season

Met up with 2 good friends tonight who represent the Wildlife Trust and had been showing members of the public various speices of grasshopper and crickets in nearby Stevenage. The event had finished but the guys kindly hung around to show us what they had caught during the day, they pushed off but left myself and Adam to release the various inverts, upon release we decided to make the most of this opportunity and take a few photos!

The highlight was clearly the Great Green Bush Cricket, only found in 1 site in the home counties so we were lucky to be handed a handsome male specimen and Adam came through again by finding another, shame we couldn't find a female but i am sure we will be back to take another look! Enjoy...


  1. Fabulous series of shots. Would be interested to know the lens set-up for the close-ups. Many thanks – Tim

  2. Thanks alot Tim, posted a comment about my setup above!

  3. Wow we are waiting to watch next series. Great cricket is most favourite game. By Regards Overnight Prints