Sunday, 15 May 2011

Nesting in the strangest places!

Recently i have been trying to stay as local as possible for my wildlife photography rather than making huge journeys week in week out. Making the most of local spots allows me to get out before and after work, saves me plenty of petrol and in a way helps my carbon footprint in some small way and if im honest my local area is just as interesting as anywhere else it just takes a bit of hard work finding the good spots, which is rewarding when they come good!

My most local pair of Grey Wagtails that usually nest around the Arlesey train station bridge dont seem to be around this year which is a real dissapointment but a pair in nearby Willington have decided to nest in the lock gates of the canal, such a strange place to nest as the gates are in constant use so their nest moves back and forth and there are prolonged periods of time when they cannot enter the nest until this process has been completed.

However i managed to get up there on a nice sunny morning just a matter of days before the successful fledging to see them going back and forth with food for the young, i think they had 2-3 chicks all of which seem to have fledged and are now being fed in and around the area, was a real privelege to spend some time watching them with beakfuls of grub.


  1. Lovely series on a lovely bird. Nice work.

  2. Nice shots Ben. I also know a site where these are nesting in the lock gates - for the third year running that I have noted! They go through the same process when a boat comes along.

  3. Thanks alot Tim, appreciate the comments!

    Get down there and photograph them Tom before its too late! : )