Saturday, 9 April 2011

Moorhens, Mandarins and Mute Swans!

On the hottest day of the year so far Erin and myself had a trip to Hyde Park in London. Its both girlfriend-friendly and bird-heavy even if it's just the commoner species so made sense as myself and Erin both wanted to make the most of our day off together. Hyde Park currently has a Tawny Owl family comprising of 3 chicks and the 2 adults so that was another good reason to visit and we saw all of them (photos will be blogged soon!). The other common species in the park looked fantastic in the sun and allowed me some opportunity to have a go and compositions and images that are different to what i have achieved in the past. These Moorhens looked great in the sun.... As we entered the park a pair of Mandarin were using one of the ornamental fountains to have a bath, previously i have struggled with Mandarin photos. I often focus just on the drake bird and it's usually just a portrait shot as it swims past so this opportunity to capture the birds bathing was really good fun and with the great light every detail and water droplet could be picked up! Another species around in good numbers was the Mute Swan, i often walk past these birds as i find it very tricky to think of a new way of photographing them. It helps if they are doing something like preening or bathing and there was a few opportunities to take some different photos. In honesty they aren't ground breaking and nothing that new but i like the intimate feel of some of these and was pleased with the results neverthless... More from Hyde Park to follow soon!

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