Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Redpolls in the rain

Spent a few hours today in the hide at The Lodge RSPB reserve which i live close to. A good number of Lesser Redpolls and the odd Mealy Redpoll were frequenting the various feeders dotted around the hide often coming in quite close and drinking from the pool. The day was a bit grey and most of the time i had to make do with a high ISO of anything between 800 all the way up to 1600! It was also raining so i was glad to be inside! Anyways, here are my better shots, would love to go back in the sun and see what results i get but who know when our next sunny day is and whether that will coincide with one of my days off! Enjoy...


  1. Cheers Trent, thanks for taking time to look at my blog and comment!

  2. As always some stunning images and unique compositions.
    keep it up Ben!

  3. Cheers guys, always value your comments!