Sunday, 6 March 2011

Morocco....Wheatear Heaven!

On my recent 2 week trip to Morocco i travelled from Marakesh all the way down to the desert area of Merzouga. Along the way Wheatears were encountered and apart from maybe House Sparrows i would say we saw more Wheatear species than any other bird, it seemed you couldn't go far without one being spotted from the car window. In total we saw 5 species - Desert, Red Rumped, Black, Mourning and White Crowned which isn't a bad total for the time of year! Here is a small selection of my best Wheatear images...

Female Red Rumped followed by Male. The male was singing and tail flicking on top of the 'Wheatear Wall' on the Tagdilt Track. There was no sign of any breeding activity this year on the wall but the Red Rumped male was trying his best!

Desert Wheatear (male) - This chap constantly returned to a poo covered pile of boulders and used the elevated perch to hunt from, i sat a few feet away from the boulder and he always returned!

White Crowned Wheatear - i would say this was the most commonly seen species overall but not necessarily the most confiding, was happy to get these shots...


  1. nice images mate keep them coming

  2. Fantastic stunning collection.
    Love It Lots.