Wednesday, 23 March 2011 of the rest!

Here are a collection of images to conclude my series of Morocco trip blogs, these images aren't necessarily my finest work but more a record of species that we saw that i have not included in other posts. Birds seen that i dont have images for (or have really really bad images!) include - Tristram's Warbler, Scrub Warbler, Pharoah Eagle Owl, Desert Lark, Moussiers Redstart, Levaillants Green Woodpecker and Barbary Falcon!

I have finally managed to get back out in the UK this week with trips to Norfolk and Suffolk so expect some updates soon!


Brown Necked Raven

Little Owl

Black Winged Kite

Long Legged Buzzard

Laughing Dove

White Stork

Crag Martin

Trumpeter Finch

White Stork



Rock Sparrow

Rock Bunting

House Bunting

House Sparrow

Common Bulbul

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