Monday, 14 March 2011

Larkin' About!

Lark species were frequently encountered on the trip, unfortunately Thick Billed Lark was "the one that got away" and i never managed any decent Desert Lark snaps but still saw a great variety of Larks and each of them were interesting, we even saw a fair bit of behaviour from courtship to agression...

Shore Lark, sitting tight on the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. This guy blended in so well and was hoping none of the returning skiers would trample on him as they made their way back from the slopes

Hoopoe Lark - probably one of my favourite birds of the trip, was really interesting to observe its amazing display flight and hear its unmistakeable call

Temminck's Horned Lark - quite common by the roadside but very small and flighty so not always easy to approach however we did get to spend some time watching these guys interacting and also 2 rival males involved in a fight which took them both into the air!

Bar-tailed Lark, got to be one of the cutest birds of the trip, just has that face! Nice and confiding and numerous

Crested Lark, these chaps and Thekkla Larks were very common and liked to perch up on rocks calling

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