Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Redpolls in the rain

Spent a few hours today in the hide at The Lodge RSPB reserve which i live close to. A good number of Lesser Redpolls and the odd Mealy Redpoll were frequenting the various feeders dotted around the hide often coming in quite close and drinking from the pool. The day was a bit grey and most of the time i had to make do with a high ISO of anything between 800 all the way up to 1600! It was also raining so i was glad to be inside! Anyways, here are my better shots, would love to go back in the sun and see what results i get but who know when our next sunny day is and whether that will coincide with one of my days off! Enjoy...

Monday, 28 March 2011

The Shorelarks of Suffolk

Here are my best efforts from 2 separate sessions photographing the Shorelarks at Dingle Marshes, Suffolk. I found this site quite tricky, it clearly gives amazing close views of birds that normally would be tricky to get close to and for that it is brilliant. However due to the landscape being pure shingle and the fact that the birds are using the area just to feed it is tricky to get a great deal of variety in the photos, nearly all of mine have ended up as pure portrait shots and during the whole time i was there i saw very little behaviour, interaction between birds and never had the chance for any flying/bathing/preening shots etc.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Purple Sandpipers

Have tried twice in the past week to see the Ness Point (Suffolk) Purple Sandpipers before they depart, i really do love these birds! The first occasion was dreary and the birds were very inaccessible leading to some horrendous photos but on my return visit the sun was shining and 2 of them were nicely feeding out in the open allowing me some quality time up close with them, really really chuffed!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011 of the rest!

Here are a collection of images to conclude my series of Morocco trip blogs, these images aren't necessarily my finest work but more a record of species that we saw that i have not included in other posts. Birds seen that i dont have images for (or have really really bad images!) include - Tristram's Warbler, Scrub Warbler, Pharoah Eagle Owl, Desert Lark, Moussiers Redstart, Levaillants Green Woodpecker and Barbary Falcon!

I have finally managed to get back out in the UK this week with trips to Norfolk and Suffolk so expect some updates soon!


Brown Necked Raven

Little Owl

Black Winged Kite

Long Legged Buzzard

Laughing Dove

White Stork

Crag Martin

Trumpeter Finch

White Stork



Rock Sparrow

Rock Bunting

House Bunting

House Sparrow

Common Bulbul