Thursday, 17 February 2011

The best fed birds in the world!

I write this as i am about to head off to Morocco for a couple of weeks birding, should be an awesome time! On Wednesday i wanted to get out one last time before i left and wanted to make sure i had a decent day. The weather wasn't easy to predict with the reports predicting sun, cloud and rain....great! Decided to head to London and Hyde Park for 2 main reasons, i could get the train so no driving and it'a always guaranteed to give you extremely good photo opportunities.

Many people would probably turn their nose up at an inner city location such as Hyde Park, maybe it's not "wild" enough for them or maybe the wildlife on offer just isn't as rare as they'd want but i love it there! It has a great variety of habitats and for an urban location that's pretty good going, in these habitats you get a great variety including woodland birds, mammals and birds that inhabit water and often a rarity turns up too. What makes it even better is that the wildlife has become so accustomed to human contact that it is extremely tame, species that would normally run a mile are very tolerant so photography is relaxed and at close quarters.

I really would reccomend anyone getting seriously into photography to visit a location like Hyde Park, it's a good chance to try techniques out, you can practice field craft and you will be guaranteed to come away with something. Here are some of my best photos from the day, quite a few of them but i did take over 1,500 photos! Oh and the weather was sunny with a bit of cloud...not bad!


  1. Great photo captures! What's the gull with the red beak and crossed black wing feathers? Have a fabulous trip!

  2. Have a good holiday Ben, like the photos.Will look forward to some Moroccon photos.

  3.'s a humble Black Headed Gull! Nothing rare! Just doesn't have it's summer plumage of black head yet!

    Thanks alot Steve, Morocco photos will slowly be uploaded over the next few weeks!

  4. Ben, did you ever live in the Cleveland, OH area?

  5. Nope, i've only ever lived in England!