Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Life Without a Lens

January has certainly been an awkward month for photography and not really the ideal start to the year, a year in which i really aim to improve the images i take. I really want to spend this year getting past record shots and focusing on quality simple portraits and also start photographing more behaviour, i also really fancy trying to take my photography to another level and take photos that paint a picture...almost like a piece of art, but that may not happen!

Anyways, what with the lack of time and the awful grey days January has been tricky and to add to that i have had to give up my 300mm F4 lens, my only lens of any real quality! It's had a horrible grinding noise for the past few months and recently has been struggling to focus so clearly it needs repairing and with a birding trip to Morrocco in February it had to be sent back to Nikon asap thus leaving me with my kit lens and my old 70-300mm lens. On Wednesday Erin and myself decided to go to the Natural History Museum to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition which is always fantastic and makes me insanely jealous! To get there it's always nice to stroll through Hyde Park as it's a great place for urban wildlife, so we did just that!

Using my 70-300mm zoom lens was interesting and good to remember what i did and did not like about it. After using the fixed F4 for almost 2 years i can safely say it was a justified purchase over the zoom. During the time spent at Hyde Park i took a fair amount of photo's but soon realised some of the faults with my zoom, it's main problem is it takes alot of blurry or slightly blurry photos, that may be down to me shaking a bit but consistently it doesnt match up to the fixed focal, and this was all in good really bad light i think it would struggle further and that is when the fixed really comes into it's own. I also found the zoom slow to focus which wasn't too much of a problem but it definitely could be. However, on returning home and going through my photos i am pleased with what i took yesterday, the great light and closeness of the birds coupled with the awesome D700 still gave me enough photos that i consider "keepers" and the zoom lens definitely makes a good back up and for someone starting out taking photos is a decent affordable option. Here are the images from the day....enjoy!


Grey Squirrel, always very confiding!

An old chap was hand feeding Great Tits and this Robin also took advantage, a nice thing to do and for tourists to see and a good chance to see these birds up close!

Tufted Ducks were numerous and always curious

Probably the best place to get close to Great Crested Grebes i have ever been to, theyare loads more confiding here than anywhere else! Nice to see them moulted back into summer plumage too!


The Great Crested Grebes were even displaying to each other! Love is in the air!

And finally, a Herring Gull....look at that gorgeous blue water, what a cracking sunny day!