Monday, 31 January 2011

Back to Buntings

This week i finally reclaimed my 300mm F4 lens and needed to get out and have a good session with the camera. At this time of year there are a few tried and tested places where wintering birds are becoming tamer and as food sources diminish they rely more and more on the food we hand out to them. Looking at the weater Norfolk seemed to be a decent bet, when i say decent it basically looked like part of the country that could potentially have some sunshine rather than another grey day! So myself and Matt headed off with the aim of spending some quality time with Salthouse's 50 or so Snow Bunting flock.

As we entered Norfolk the talk of Barn Owls began and it wasn't long before we saw our first and within 30 minutes of driving we had seen 6 of them including 1 that flew alongside the car for a whole minute before finally perching in a tree and then crossing the road and dive bombing into a ditch! Of course we didn't capture any of this on camera as they were firmly in our bags, stupid mistake! We arrived in Salthouse, parked up and place some seed down....and waited! It was grey and cloudy and even raining a bit but after the Turnstones began feeding the Snow Buntings soon arrived...

Soon the clouds began to move and we could see an opportunity for some sunshine which was remarkable as sun was never predicted at all! Soon enough dog walkers, fishermen, birdwatchers and other photographers began to turn up and still in the car we were still snapping away, however the sun was now right behind the birds and all were were getting were silouette's so it was time to move. We laid down with the sun behind us and the birds began to attempt to fly down to feed, they were a bit nervous at first but once 1 landed the rest did and for the next couple of hours we had the birds almost feeding from our hands allowing unbelieveable close views and in pure sunshine, a really brilliant session...

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