Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Local Day

Today was the start of a few days pre-xmas holiday for me and wasn't going to be wasted with boring xmas shopping, i imagine all the other days will follow suit...especially with these gorgeous wintery days we are having! After my dentist appointment in the morning i decided not to travel too far so visited St Albans again, my main motives were to see if the Little Grebes that are ever so confiding were still hanging around on the narrow stretch of river but also the other common species would at least keep me occupied and of course they always appreciate being fed.

Over the past few weeks i have photographed our commoner birds more and more this has been partly down to the shortening days as i'd rather be with the birds than driving but also i am constantly trying to think of new ways to photograph them or simply trying to use how confiding they are to highlight just what wonderful creatures they was no exception as some of the colours on the river were brilliant! Warning....there are quite a few Little Grebe photos but today the 1 bird i could find was quite confiding! Enjoy...

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