Friday, 10 December 2010

Back to Norfolk

Yesterday i had my 2nd day off (out of 5) to get out with the camera and luckily Martin also had the chance to come with, lucky for him as it was such a corking day with sun all day and lucky for me as i had some company! We got up close with plenty of birds, beginning at Salthouse where loads of Turnstones and plenty of Dunlin were knocking about....these 2 Turnstones clearly didn't want to share the seed i'd put down!

The Black Headed Gulls were around as usual...

Was great to see loads of Dunlin around, a species that is one of our more common waders but one that i haven't had alot of luck with in terms of grabbing snaps of them! Was nice to see them both on the grass and in the pools...

A small flock of Snow Buntings have clearly moved in (maybe from the Cley flock) and obviously as time goes on this group will grow in numbers and become tamer, at this point they are still a little flighty...i managed a few shots but didn't want to chase these birds around as they just isn't fair and know that i will definitely be back over the winter to see them up close!

A nice suprise was a Sanderling in amongst the Turnstones and Dunlin, a species i have never seen at Salthouse before...although in amongst the feeding frenzy the Sanderling skulked off and i never him again!

After Salthouse we headed to Brancaster Staithe, plenty of waders around but the sun dissapeared behind the clouds for a bit so we moved on to Titchwell and time for a jacket potato and cuppa tea! On the walk to the beach Martin's keen eye noticed this Snipe in a ditch, it looked tiny and instantly we both thought Jack Snipe! We took a few pictures as it stood still hoping we hadn't seen it, i was just about to try and move position before it suddenly flew off! It wasn't until i got home that i studied the picture and have come to the conclusion that it's probably a Common Snipe, it definitely seemed really small but the markings do suggest Common Snipe.

This Lapwing was on the drive between Brancaster and Titchwell, it was just knocking about on a patch of well kept grass in a private housing estate and looked quite out of place! Shame he isn't facing the camera but great to see!

And here is the token Robin shot from Titchwell....has to be done!

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