Friday, 19 November 2010

Back home with the birds!

Have spent the last week in Barcelona with Erin where it has been sunny and usually hitting around +17 degrees, a real treat in November! I will blog about Barca when i get through all the photos, there wasn't a huge amount of birding done as it was mainly a city break but did manage to see a few bits worth blogging about! Anyways, i woke this morning feeling rather fresh despite all the travelling the day previous and fancied getting out! However, jobs needed to be done and there was this rather misty mist engulfing the wasn't ideal for seeing birds and taking photos! By midday the sun was breaking through and the holiday washing was done and i had to get out!!! I chose woodland birds again, mainly because i knew i had a small window of good light and needed birds to be right in my face asap!

I gave myself and was given a few challenges today and think i made the best of it, i knew that i didn't want to simply recreate photos of these species that i have previously done, initially i was hoping to get flight shots of them flying in and out of the feeding station and hopefully birds hovering before landing, however i wasn't really prepared for doing this and couldn't arrange a good place with the right light for it so instead decided to place food at the base of a tree hoping that i could get birds peeking their heads around it and hopefully get that classic Nuthatch pose of the bird moving down the trunk and extending his head outwards. Other ideas involved birds within some leaves foraging and finally use of a new mossy perching area. The light was constantly challenging as the sun kept going inbetween clouds and behind trees as well as fading as the time drew on, i was constantly changing my ISO and redjusting my position, probably the most i've ever fiddled with my camera in one session but good practice at getting the correct shutter speeds and exposure, all made more tricky as i don't currently use a tripod and my camera and lens are quite heavy! Anyways, i've rambled are my best efforts!

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