Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Good things come in small packages!

Little Grebes are lovely little birds, they have wonderful summer plumage of red and black and in the winter they have a much softer pinkish colouration. They are definitely one of those birds that i always like to see, always wish to get better images of and rarely do so! Most of the time i see these birds from a hide where they are drifting into the middle of a lake or skirting around the reedy fringes, occasionally i encounter them down a river on a small pond but once again they are wary and dive as soon as i get too close only to pop back up much further away.

On Monday Matt and myself took a trip down to St Albans, the cold weather has frozen the lake their moving the majority of the wildfowl onto the river that runs alongside it. Mallards, Coots, Moorhens, Geese and Gulls were packed into this tiny stretch of river making one hell of a racket as they shunted each other out of the way to get food that passers-by were throwing down. In amongst all of this noise and chaos were a pair of Little Grebes, they were quiety going about their business catching fish, preening and tucking their heads in for a quick rest. As they drifted in and out of the other birds they seemed oblivious to the humans walking past, and most of the humans also didn't notice them...but Matt and I did and we spent a good few hours with them trying to get some nice shots. They hugged the opposite side of the river and were always on the move, factor in the grey conditions and it was tricky to get the right exposure settings to get a nice image but after a few hours we both left pleased to have such close experiences of these birds and with some nice snaps....will definitely be going back to see them again!

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