Monday, 29 November 2010

Couple of Thank You's!

Just a couple of big thank you's, firstly to Stephen Christopher who kindly provided me with alot of info, help and logistical knowledge when it came to birding in my recent Barcelona trip. If you are visiting Spain his website would definitely be worth checking out -

Also, thanks to Geoff Bickers who i met recently and took this great image of me "at work" photographing woodland birds, i honestly didn't know he was taking it but am chuffed he thought of doing so and that we swapped details, cheers Geoff! Visit his website at -

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  1. Hi Ben - I know it's a bit late but only just seen this, and thanks for the link. Hope all is well and love your images. I went to Stockgrove a short time ago and tried my hand at birdies, not nearly as good as yours but I'll get better!