Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Shoreline Sanderlings

During my Norfolk day trip i took the brisk walk to the beach at Titchwell RSPB with the main aim of seeing Sanderling and hopefully getting some decent pics of them! Plenty of people visit the beach for all kinds of reasons and i know it's a popular place to see and photograph these birds but i am yet to have any decent shots of them and couldn't waste this opportunity! It all came fairly quick and easy for a change, i turned up and walked to the shoreline, scanned it until i found some little white blobs mucking about in the surf and walked up to them. This technique wasn't correct as they all began to run away (albeit not very far) in the opposite direction. My next approach did work, i focused on one particular bird and worked out which general direction he was moving towards, i stepped back and got ahead of him and lied down on the wet sand (lovely!). He then began to move towards me feeding and whatnot until he started to get close, being low and stationary allowed me to have this close encounter and he went about his daily business without noticing me, result! Here are some of the images i obtained...


  1. very nice Ben; my favourite bird to photograph.

  2. Thanks alot Matt, can't beat Norfolk for Waders!