Monday, 23 August 2010

Hanging out with a Heron!

Spent Sunday with Matt visiting some local spots and making use of the really excellent weather conditions to play around and do some photography. We really didn't mind what we were taking photos of as the sun was shining and everything from Moorhens and Coots to Swans and Geese looked good and it was a real chance to watch some behaviour and get some intimate photos of birds behaving naturally. One suprise was at Verulamium Park in St Albans, a busy park with screaming kids, pushchairs and people chucking copious amounts of bread at ducks. Here we encountered a scruffy looking juvenile Grey Heron skulking along the river bank...

We proceeded to watch this chap for the next 45 minutes as he picked his way through the vegetation occasionally plunging his head into the water and nearly every time getting hold of a small fish.

The amazing thing about this experience was that this all occured in the middle of an extremely busy town park that was absolutely packed with people. It was a warm afternoon and everyone was out n' about but the Heron was more intent on fishing. Clearly Heron's are fairly used to people and are normally fairly tame, especially juvenile birds but this guy was 4ft away from us and allowed us into his world, we didn't just spot a Heron on a river bank or see one flying over a resevoir, we sat right next to him and just watched him get on with his every day life! Amazing!


  1. Some fantastic photos of my favourite bird, really brightened up my morning!

  2. Great to see,stunning Images.
    Very impressed,WOW.