Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Pulling Power of Puffins

These are my final images from my Scotland holiday in June and they are of the very photogenic Puffin. Many, many images appear of Puffins every year as they are incredibly tame birds and extremely comical and attractive, also their burrows where they nest around our coastline in the summer months are often easily accesible. The Isle of Lunga is one of the Treshnish Isles off the Isle of Mull and hosts a large colony of Puffins, we visited one afternoon and despite the awful weather had a cracking time watching these birds as they interacted with each other and returned with sand eels to feed their tiny young in the burrows. Birdwatchers and photographers may tire of these birds but i certainly will not! Enjoy....


  1. 快樂與滿足的秘訣,就在全心全意投注於現在的每一分,每一秒上..................................................

  2. I wish i knew what all my Japanese comments were saying! Any chance of translating them to English?!

  3. I'm sure it would be complimentary! The photos are beautiful, what a holiday you have had!