Sunday, 25 July 2010

Norfolk Avocets

Since returning from Scotland i have been back around my local patches a fair amount photographing species such as Common Tern and Spotted Flycatcher. I will hopefully find some time to display these photographs over the coming weeks but during the month i have been home i have also spent a day in the north Norfolk area. I visited the area as so many do for it's richness of wildlife but i also had a specific species in mind that i was keen to photograph, that being the Avocet. It's a wader species that i have seen plenty of times from hides around Kent, Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk but i was keen to get closer to it and hopefully take some shots where i could be at the same level as the bird. This is currently the end part of this birds breeding season so i had to be careful to not disturb any birds, i make sure i do this anyways but it is even more important at this time of the year.

I chose the fresh water pools of Salthouse to see these birds and found a few of them relatively quickly, as i walked along the shingle to reach the pools i did unfortunately cause them to take to the air, now this was great for some flight photography but I am never happy when i frighten a bird and obviously this was not my intention. Plenty of joggers and dog walkers visit this particular spot so i guess the birds do get used to seeing humans and so i hoped they'd return quickly and relax again. I used the time when the birds were flying to position myself next to one of the pools, i laid down flat and tried to be as less threatening as possible. It wasn't long before the Avocets returned and they instantly showed no concern for me as i watched them feed and preen on the shingle and in the water every now and then taking to the air to use another pool and then returning to the one i was near. I didn't stay very long as was always concerned that the birds privacy was important but was pleased with the shots i got, enjoy....


  1. Some great Avocet images Ben and the images from Scotland are stunning, keep up the good work........Ben the plumber

  2. Thanks for all the comments!