Thursday, 29 July 2010

Tons of Terns

Have spent alot of time in July photographing Terns. Mostly the Common Terns that fish along one of my local rivers but I have also seen Terns around Blakeney in Norfolk and at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve in East Sussex. Here are some of my favourite of the many I have taken!

Juvenile Common Tern failing to fish

Common Tern

Little Tern

Common Tern

Sandwich Tern complete with fish!

Common Tern

One of the pictures i had in mind was a photo of the Common Terns making impact with the water and emerging with a fish....this is the best i have managed, no fish unfortunately!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Norfolk Avocets

Since returning from Scotland i have been back around my local patches a fair amount photographing species such as Common Tern and Spotted Flycatcher. I will hopefully find some time to display these photographs over the coming weeks but during the month i have been home i have also spent a day in the north Norfolk area. I visited the area as so many do for it's richness of wildlife but i also had a specific species in mind that i was keen to photograph, that being the Avocet. It's a wader species that i have seen plenty of times from hides around Kent, Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk but i was keen to get closer to it and hopefully take some shots where i could be at the same level as the bird. This is currently the end part of this birds breeding season so i had to be careful to not disturb any birds, i make sure i do this anyways but it is even more important at this time of the year.

I chose the fresh water pools of Salthouse to see these birds and found a few of them relatively quickly, as i walked along the shingle to reach the pools i did unfortunately cause them to take to the air, now this was great for some flight photography but I am never happy when i frighten a bird and obviously this was not my intention. Plenty of joggers and dog walkers visit this particular spot so i guess the birds do get used to seeing humans and so i hoped they'd return quickly and relax again. I used the time when the birds were flying to position myself next to one of the pools, i laid down flat and tried to be as less threatening as possible. It wasn't long before the Avocets returned and they instantly showed no concern for me as i watched them feed and preen on the shingle and in the water every now and then taking to the air to use another pool and then returning to the one i was near. I didn't stay very long as was always concerned that the birds privacy was important but was pleased with the shots i got, enjoy....

Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Pulling Power of Puffins

These are my final images from my Scotland holiday in June and they are of the very photogenic Puffin. Many, many images appear of Puffins every year as they are incredibly tame birds and extremely comical and attractive, also their burrows where they nest around our coastline in the summer months are often easily accesible. The Isle of Lunga is one of the Treshnish Isles off the Isle of Mull and hosts a large colony of Puffins, we visited one afternoon and despite the awful weather had a cracking time watching these birds as they interacted with each other and returned with sand eels to feed their tiny young in the burrows. Birdwatchers and photographers may tire of these birds but i certainly will not! Enjoy....

Monday, 12 July 2010

More Snippets from Scotland...

Here are some more images taken around Scotland during Erin and mine's June holiday....

Eider - Dunbar Harbour

Rock Pipit, lovely mouthful of grub! - Dunbar Harbour

Eider - Bass Rock

Swallow, saw plenty of these guys on the trip

and plenty of House Martin's too!

Oystercatcher....lots of these too and in random places like roundabouts!

Siskin - Abernethy Forest/Loch Garten RSPB

Common Sandpiper - nesting on Loch an Eilein

Distant shot of Slavonian Grebe in full summer plumage, a pair were nesting on a small pond, thanks to Chris Upson for reccomending the site

Herring Gull - loved our chips!

Eider female with chicks, Calgary Bay, Mull

Sand Martin leaving nest hole, a small population inhabited Calgary Bay, Mull

Juvenile Song Thrush in the gardens of our accomodation, Tobermory, Mull

Wheatear, found a pair and fledglings on the island of Lunga, Mull

Pied Wagtail feeding young on Mull, spotted these whilst watching Sea Eagles!

Tree Sparrow, not technically Scotland....but taken at Bempton Cliffs on the day we drove home!