Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A Trip Down the Local!

This latest post is in memory of my Nan, Ivy Lawrence who passed away today aged 99. She was an amazing person who I will never forget. Love you Nan!

This post is just a bit of a catch up on some of the recent photo's i've taken in my local area. I don't just zoom around the country to far flung nature reserves....i do do that, but i dont JUST do that! If that makes sense! Enjoy!

Nightingale - Paxton Pits NR

Dunnock - Paxton Pits NR

Nightingale - Paxton Pits NR

Willow Warbler - Paxton Pits NR

Reed Bunting - Paxton Pits NR

Song Thrush - The Lodge, RSPB

Bank Vole - The Lodge RSPB

Woodlark - Undisclosed Site

Wren - Oughtonhead Common

Jay - The Lodge, RSPB

Ring Ouzel - Pegsdon Hills

Blackcap - Pegsdon Hills

Green Woodpecker - Hitchin

Little Owl - Pegsdon Hills

Wheatear - Pegsdon Hills

Ring Ouzel - Pegsdon Hills

Red Kite - Pegsdon Hills


  1. So sorry to hear of your Nan's passing, Ben. It sounds as if you have many wonderful memories of her to treasure. One day they'll give you happiness rather than sadness.

  2. Thanks alot Richard. Getting out with the camera in this lovely weather seems to be a good way of dealing with it though!