Monday, 19 April 2010

Superb Suffolk

Visited Minsmere RSPB Reserve coming up to a week ago, wanted to post these photos over the weekend but have done alot of local photography and nature watching recently and just haven't had time! Local photos will appear soon but for now enjoy these beautfiul birds from Suffolk, it really was one of the best days i have been out and i was rewarded with some of my favourite photos i have taken...

These Purple Sandpiper were at Ness Point, Lowestoft where i popped up to early in the morning before Minsmere. The weather wasn't great, it was a spring day but i was forced into rain jacket, hat and gloves! The Sandpiper were nicely perched on some rocks that were being beaten by foam, water and sea spray! In my quest for close up snaps i had to clamber over slipperly rocks coated in seaweed, the things we (i) do!


Turnstones were hanging around and as usual were completely tame, this one seemed to love eating this weird sea thingy, i dont have a clue what it is but didn't fancy eating it myself!

I arrived at Minsmere, had a bit of a wander then plonked myself down in the Island Mere Hide, i was in for the long haul in an attempt to see a Bittern, it was quite a wait but some nice distractions....distracted me!

Bearded Tit

I officially love Little Grebe....

At around 2pm after around 3 hours of waiting a Bittern finally flew into the reedbed in front of the hide and then proceeded to skulk towards the hide eating sticklebacks as he went, the sun came out and he kept on getting closer and closer and then really bloody close! It was truly amazing and resulted in about 500 pictures being taken! And then, in one swift move he was back in the reeds and nowhere to be seen....i felt very lucky! Here are just some pictures...

I finally dragged my ass out of the hide and de-stifened my legs, i could hardly walk! I had around 2 hours of sun left so did a full circuit of the reserve, heard plenty of Cetti's Warblers and Bearded Tit and saw many waders including Black Tailed Godwit, Redshank and Avocet....

Finally got back to the visitor centre where some 6 hours ago i was tucking into a toastie, saw a nice Chaffinch and tried to photograph Sand Martin, although that is bloody tricky!

Great Day!!!


  1. Absolutely brilliant, Ben. I sense a great combination of skill and good luck being shown here!

  2. Fantastic photos, well worth the wait for the Bittern!!

  3. Thanks alot! Yeah, it was one of those days where patience paid off....luck allowed for some great photographic opporunities and yeah, i think there is a bit of skill in there too! haha!