Wednesday, 31 March 2010

London Calling

Myself and Erin were London bound on Wednesday, before the rail strikes hit! 2 main aims for the jaunt to our capital, firstly to go and see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum which is truly excellent and puts all my photographs to shame and secondly to take a look at Kensington Gardens Tawny Owl family. The parents this year have successfully raised 4 Owlets that around 6 weeks old now. London birdwatcher Des McKenzie ( has been tracking these birds as he does every year and with his help and also the help of a local bloke and lady and photographer Tom Hines Erin and myself managed to locate the whole family and what a sight!

Both Adults

The Owlets!

The day was not good weather wise which did make photography a little tricky, but Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens has this magical power of making all the birds incredibly tame, obviously they see millions of people every single day of their lives and these people feed them and watch them and basically they really dont care, for example i has a squirrel run up my leg to my waist! Crazy! So, despite the bad weather the fact that i could get so close to nature allowed for some nice photo opportunities, here's the results...

Pigeon in flight

Female Red Crested Pochard

Male Red Crested Pochard

Great Crested Grebes

Herring Gull

Grey Heron

Thanks again to Des for meeting up with me and showing me such an awesome urban wildlife site, i definitely want to return in the summer with some nice light and a bit of a warmth, and thanks to Erin for suffering in the cold and rain whilst i searched for Owls or ran from the table we were eating lunch at because a Great Crested Grebe was in a good place for a picture, you're the best!


  1. Thanks alot, an urban location but a nature photographers dream in some ways!