Wednesday, 10 February 2010

3/5 Owls aint bad!

Braved the awful weather (for photography) for a 2nd day in a row with Martin and Adam. Read somewhere that alot of wildlife photographers completely avoid going out on dull days because it isn't good for photography but I just can't understand that! We stayed in high spirits through rain, snow and grey skies in the hope of a glimmer of sunshine or just a patch of blue skies and did get it near the end of the day, although i think Adam and Martin were getting fed up of my "it's brightening up" comments!

We began at Rutland Water with the feeders buzzing, was happy with this Green Finch photo....

Next up was the Long Eared Owl Roost. This was Adam's 2nd attempt at seeing one at Rutland and Martin's 3rd!!!! We were convinced Martin was a bad omen and we wasn't going to see even the tufts of a LEO, however within minutes of searching Adam had this bins on this beauty, he was sitting right out in the open and we could just see him through a tiny gap in the trees, it was a real treat and even the snow couldn't stop us smiling...

Next up was distant views of this Slavonian Grebe, my first ever! The picture is shocking but you get the point!

This Great Crested Grebe at Watermead Country Park was a bit closer!

Saw plenty of Goosander at WMCP as well as this Grey Heron and a rather angry Mute Swan!

We ended the day almost frozen to the spot at Cossington Meadows, it was slightly brighter by this point and we were treated to great views of a hunting Barn Owl

And finally at almost 5pm the Short Eared Owls appeared, completely where we didnt expect them and if you add the distance they were away and the fading light it was no suprise that this photo wasn't one of my best, but was still great to see them and a brilliant end to the day!


  1. I love the pics of the long-eared owl, what a great sight. Linda

  2. 這個讚唷!!值得佳賞與獎勵~~●ω●........................................

  3. Missed you as I was in Fuerteventura.