Thursday, 21 January 2010

Top Notch Norfolk!

Had a really great day in Norfolk on Wednesday with Adam. I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Male Pintail at Titchwell

The first of many Barn Owl pictures. Due to the recent bad weather Barn Owls have really struggled to hunt properly which is not good news. However, now the weather is improving they are back out in force, we saw 7 during 1 hour of drving from Titchwell to Cley, it doesn't take that long to drive from Titchwell to Cley but we had to constantly keep screeching to a halt in the car to photograph all the barn owls! Many of them were perched on posts in fields, we saw 1 perched on a road sign and a couple hunting alongside the road, breathtaking stuff and my best ever Barn Owl experience...

Adam took this one as i was driving! It takes alot of skill to do this!

Bean Goose

Some of the 11,000 strong flock of Pink Footed Geese at Holkham

Egyptian Goose

More Cley Barn Owls

We also visited Salthouse in the hope of seeing the 50 Snow Buntings who reside near the car park and often get fed by various locals and birdwatchers. When we got there an elderly couple pointed us the direction of 1 lonely bird who seemed intent on waiting for someone to feed it! We duly obliged and it was very grateful....and so were we! It came within 2ft of us!


We ended the day at the Stubb Mill Raptor Roost at Hickling Broad. In total we saw over 20 Marsh Harrier come into Roost, these 2 Cranes also flew in...

This Robin hung about as we waited for Raptors!

Hunting Marsh Harrier

3 more Cranes into roost

The day ended with this female Hen first ever! What a day!


  1. A great collection on what must have been a very enjoyable day out.

  2. Stubbs Mill can be pretty impressive can't it? Long drive home though.

    Your list must be creeping up now Ben... enjoy it those ticks soon get harder and harder!

  3. The black and white shots are full of character. It's given me an idea!

  4. Cheers for all the comments! Much appreciated