Monday, 4 January 2010

Hampshire Day Trip

Had an absolute corker of a day around Hampshire on Sunday with Dan Trim and Ed Taylor. There knowledge, humour and scopes were very much appreciated as we visited some great sites around the county. First stop was the unbelievably cold Keyhaven Marshes, we actually nearly died due to coldness but it was a picturesque start to the day, i'll let the photo's do the talking....

Little Egret

Brent Goose in flight

Brent Geese and gorgeous sky

Snipe doing there best to hide


Meadow Pipit

Very confiding Turnstones

Other great birds were seen such as Red Breasted Merganser out at sea, Shag, Sparrowhawk, Water Pipit and Reed Bunting....none were photographed brilliantly. We also felt very sorry for the ice skating swans! After some much needed car warmth and food we headed to Denny Wood Campsite where we practically shared a car with many woodland birds. The birds here are so confiding and hungry that you simply cannot get the most amazing views of them, coal and marsh tits pretty much sit at your feet whilst cheeky nuthatches gorge themselves silly. It was one of my best birdwatching experiences and allowed me this collection of photos....

Marsh Tit

The first of many Nuthatch photos

Coal Tit - looking down waiting for more food!

Nuthatch complete with Nut

Blue Tit

More my favourite woodland bird

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Bird of the Day - the fat lazy Dunnock


Marsh Tit in the much loved "wire shot"

Finally we dragged ourselves away from Denny and to our final location, Blackwater Arboretum just in time to catch the Hawfinch Roost. These birds are simply amazing but are also very high up very tall camera just cannot do them justice but they deserve to be on the blog, so here are some of the better Hawfinch photos, i am still extremely pleased that i got to see them in such good light and relish the day when i get closer views. Cheers Dan and Ed, awesome day!

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