Wednesday, 23 December 2009

With presents wrapped and cards written i decided today to spend my last chance before Christmas have a look around some of my favourite local spots. I began the day early at Oughtonhead Common in my hometown of Hitchin, its a superb river walk and one i don't do enough but one that has really been brilliant this year giving me wonderful wildlife opportunities. Today didn't dissapoint as i was given my best ever views of Kingfisher in full action, i spent over half an hour watching a Kingfisher sit right in front of me and attempt to catch fish, he didn't care i was watching and here are just some of my many photos....

This Robin was more interested in his reflection!

The fields surrounding the the Heron!

A wintery Bullfinch eating berries

Female Blackbird....shame about the snowy twig in the way!

A collection of Water Rail photo's, i saw 5 of these great birds in total

After leaving Hitchin i headed for Biggleswade Common, another really nice river walk. On the drive i stopped to photograph some Geese and also got some cracking views of Redwing....

Biggleswade was a little quiet, i did see another 2 Kingfishers and some Little Grebe as well as this Song Thrush...

And this Heron flying towards me!

I finally moved on to Ickleford Common but by now it was freezing and getting dark, managed to get a few wintery images as well as seeing a Little Egret and a Little Owl...

This Chiffchaff was a really nice thing to see, haven't seen one of these since the summer!

2 Swans in Flight

Arriving home my local Robin was waiting for me to refill my feeder in my garden, he just watched as i topped it up so i decided to end the day photographing him...
Merry Christmas to everyone and cheers for reading my Blog, hope it keeps people entertained for a few minutes, more to come in the New Year! Cheers, Ben.

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  1. Outstanding Images,the Water Rail is stunning.