Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Lord of the Ri...ver: Return of the King (fisher)

Over the summer Adam and myself watched a pair of Kingfishers at Arlesey as they darted back and forth complete with fish in mouths to feed a hungry bunch of young. They excavated 2 nests in the river bank and had 2 sets of young, although we unfortunately don't know what happened to either group. The hot summer brought so many people down to the river to swim and walk there dogs etc that the Kingfishers spent hours waiting to dive into their nests to feed so it was hard to imagine any of the babies making it to adulthood. Nevertheless it allowed us some great views and I have rarely been back since the summer to see how they are getting on.

Over the past few days Adam has been getting great views of Kingfisher back down the river, even better than our summer experiences! I couldn't wait to get down there and take a look myself although the weather didn't seem to want me down there, apart from the freezing cold there was literally no sun in the sky or even the hint of light! It was grey and then the sleet began before finally turning into rain! Crap! I managed to get these images despite the weather, the flash of blue and orange zipping down the river and diving to catch fish brightened up a rather dull day!

With fish in mouth....

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