Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat Northern Diver

Visited the Rutland Water area again today in the hope of seeing 3 particular birds, 2 of them i've never seen before. The first hour was spent scouring Home Farm in Exton for a Black Redstart that has been there for many days now. The sun was shining, the dog walkers were out and my camera was at the ready.....but no Redstart! Locals tried to help, another birdwatcher lended a hand but we just couldn't find the bloody thing! I left feeling dejected, was this going to be the shape of things to come....i feared the worst!

Next up i arrived at Whitwell Creek in the hope of seeing a Great Northern Diver. There are plenty of these about at the moment, one of them even closer to where i live than Rutland but I don't mind where i see them, would just appreciate nice views of them. I met an old couple who had seen them distantly in the morning so i was apprehensive, they were off to see the Redstart so i wished them luck! They also wished me luck and i was dished out a large helping of it, i arrived at the waters edge and 2 Divers were quite close to the shore, i was the only one there and enjoyed good views of them for the next hour, here are the photos....

I left well chuffed, and ran back into the old couple who also seemed happy, they'd seen the Redstart! Annoying! It was up a tree and they only caught a brief glimpse but i hadn't seen it and won' pretend that i was gutted. I did consider going back for a look but let sleeping dogs lie and thought it best not to. Next up was the Long Eared Owls at Rutland Water. Now these are being seen every day varying from 1 to now 3 so not exactly a difficult mission but sometimes just spotting these things in amongst the branches etc can be tricky, i saw all 3 but as this picture (my best of the day) shows they were well tucked away and behind ALOT of foliage...tricky to get a photo but lovely to see them. 2/3 for the day, not bad....not bad at all!


  1. Hi Ben, a better LEO than I managed and so for the GND have come nowhere near enough for me. What equipment are you using?


  2. 300mm f4 nikon lens with a nikon d90 mate

  3. Ben, if you get a chance go to Holme Pierrepont for the moulting adult Great Horthern Diver. The rowing course is only 100m wide so you can't fail to get close!

  4. Ok mate, thanks alot! I know it well as i went to Uni in Notts!