Sunday, 15 November 2009

Osprey Day & Red Kite Delight!

Had a really good day today, firstly i spent it a little bit more "local" in Herts, Bucks and Oxfordshire which meant a lie in and less driving! Also spent it with Erin which was great, and the birds didn't let us down! Firstly we drove near Watlingford right in the Chilterns area, well known for its Red Kites and well worth going some points there were more than 10 Red Kites in the sky at once often coming down very low and allowing some great opportunities for photography.....enjoy!

After that we made the 40 minute journey to the Chess Valley area on the Herts/Bucks border to a small town called Sarratt that has become quite busy with birdwatchers due to 2 great birds being there over the past few weeks....a juvenile Osprey and a Black Redstart. The Osprey is a young bird born in Scotland and probably should be on it's way to over-winter in Africa if not there already....who knows if it will stay in the UK for much longer but I couldn't resist taking a look and although distant and right in the sun it was great to see it, here are the pics!

Unfortunately we didn't get to see the Black Redstart, it just didn't seem to be around! But I was happy, i think Erin was happy too and the next port of call was a Sunday Roast which seemed only fair after such a corking day! Just a few more snaps of Grey Heron, Kingfisher and Pied Wagtail that we also saw during the day....

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