Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Norfolk Day Trip

Made the most of a day off today and went on a bit of a Norfolk road trip, maybe over exerted myself slightly by trying to do justice to 4 different reserves in 1 day esp as it was still misty at 9am and got dark at 4pm! Ah well, was all good fun! Frist off i visited a very misty and quiet Snettisham....

Bar Tailed Godwit


The mist pretty much got worse so after about 10 dreary minutes in a hide i upped sticks and made my way to Holme-by-the-sea to the nature reserve on the beach, i had high hopes and wasn't dissapointed!



Grey Plover

Large flock of Snow Buntings

And one of them slightly close up.....gotta try and get better pics of these beauties

2 of 3 Shore Larks

I then moved on to Titchwell RSPB Reserve, unfortunately the weather got worse and the place was just full of people with massive offence to those who love to scope but i strolled about confused as to what all these people were looking at, it felt crowded and i quickly left with only a few photos....

Yes it's a Robin, but he is cute!


Wheater on the Beach

Chaffinch - probably up there with the Robin as the easiest bird to photograph

Finally i moved on to Cley Marshes Nature Reserve, i got a bit lost on the way there and the darkness was closing in so i didn't expect to see much but it was my favourite reserve of the day and gave me some great final moments. The last thing i saw of the day was a Mole out on some grass, never seen a live mole before! Unfortunately as i fiddled with my camera he scuttled back into his hole (do Mole's scuttle?!)....anyways, here are the rest.....

Large Golden Plover flock

A sleepy Jack Snipe in the only sunshine of the day (it lasted all of 15 minutes)


Barn Owl hunting over the marshes

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  1. wow you did hit it hard doing those 4 reserves. Tichwel is always busy but if you sppeand some time on the beach away from people the waders can be rather confiding. The knot is a grey plover.the bar-tailed godwit is great and well IDed - they are not easy.
    don't worry abotu snow bunt pics, we'l go to salthouse later in the year and you'l be annoyed as they come too close for the camera to focus :-p.
    great seeing a barn owl too.