Sunday, 4 October 2009

Tawny Trouble....not anymore!

Over the past month i have been really keen on seeing a Tawny Owl, owls facinate me and after seeing Barn, Long Eared and Little Owl's this year the Tawny was needed to be seen! Tawny's are quite tricky to see as they are most active as soon as it gets dark, i have heard them hooting plenty of times but seeing them is tricky. Recently i along with both Adam and Martin have tried the technique of playing a Tawny Owl call in an attempt to lure one over to investigate thus giving us a great opportunity to see them. A few times this just simply hasn't worked but the other night myself and Adam managed to get one to sit on a post right next to the car and look down at us for a few seconds, unfortunately it was pitch black so no photo opportunity! This was starting to get frustrating.... However, today Adam and myself decided to take a 6.30am walk up Oughtonhead Common (Hitchin) to see if anything was about, after 5 minutes of walking I looked up at an overhanging branch along the pathway casually expecting to see nothing or at very best a Robin! This proved to be a great time to look up as staring right at us was...a Tawny Owl!!!! The sun was coming up and we hadn't even needed to try and lure it over! This young owl did a great job of sitting still long enough for us to get many photo's, when it did fly it only flew to the next tree so we spent a good 10 minutes in it's company, i loved every minute of it! Here are the photos, unfortunately it wasn't that light so my flash caused some serious owl red-eye, i have tried to get rid of the red eye with some success, either way...i am well chuffed! Enjoy!

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