Thursday, 29 October 2009

Adam & Ben "Bird Trip" Part 2! - Kent!

In the 2nd of a "2 Dayer" this week myself and Adam visited the RSPB Reserves of Dungeness and Elmley Marshes, a 5am departure was clearly needed and upon arrival at 7am at the Dungeness bird observatory the sun was out and so was a large number of pied wagtails who loved me and my camera!

This guy is doing a great flamingo impression getting 1 leg up!

We moved onto the Dungeness RSPB Reserve and were greeted by a perched Marsh Harrier who did the decent thing and flew straight towards us giving me my best ever views of what is quickly becoming one of my favourite birds of prey!

Great White Egret...these guys are becoming popular! Here is this fella telling off lapwaings and gulls!

Ahhh....a swan and his reflection, bit cliched eh!

This little smooth newt almost got trod on my Adam!

2 Stonechats decided to be the most well behaved birds of the day letting us get extremely close, this is the best of my 30 or so pics!

A group of Tufted Ducks

Nice little Wren


My attempt at an arty Reedbed was an absolutely corking morning with loads of sun and 20 degrees


Little Grebe


Loving these guys....Curlews!

A house Sparrow taking some shelter, the afternoon at Elmley was slightly wet and dreary

Reed Bunting

We decided to leave Elmley Marshes around 3.30pm, the weather wasn't improving and unfortunately we hadn't seen a Hen Harrier, Short Eared Owl or Merlin (all birds that have been seen on and off at the reserve) Bit gutting as i've never seen any of them and really want to! Anyways, it was winding down and we were maybe hoping of seeing something cool on the way out of the reserve....and then we saw a weasel! Never seen one, so glad i did! It kept bouncing up and down, flipping over, diving down holes and poking it's head up so look at us....but it didn't seem to care we were there! Brilliant! With not much light and all the moving about it wasn't easy to photograph but here are some decent one's...

Oh and we finished by seeing 3 Barn Owls, the ultimate of crap photos here but if you squint you can just see the chap nuzzled inbetween the tree and nest flew out never to be seen (by me and adam) again!

Monday, 26 October 2009

A Day in Suffolk

Suffolk was the chosen area for the 1st of 2 days of wldlife watching this week, myself along with Adam (whose birthday it is this week!), Martin and Adam's dad left at 5.30am and reached Minsmere RSPB reserve by 7.30am. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great with plenty of grey cloud and wind but we didn't let that ruin the day! Some of the pics are a bit dreary but you get the idea, the first few are at Landguard Nature Reserve near Felixstowe. Enjoy!

A group of Turnstone that let me get pretty close (had to do some creeping along rocks!)

Meadow Pipit

Martin and Adam walking along the coast


Marsh Tit - these buggers just don't stay still!

Marsh Harrier, one day i will get a good picture of these.

Little Grebe

Great White Egret very distant but still HUGE!

Siskin - incredibly hard to get a good photo of these guys feeding in Alders

Muntjac Deer

Redpoll - again, distant and hard to get a good photo

Coal Tit

Martin "The Deerstalker" Bevan....doing some Red Deer Stalking, and succeeding!

One of many Kestrel photos (taken by Adam)


Berwick Swan

Adam and Dad....cold!

Fly Agaric Fungi - the holy grail of Fungi, and we almost walked past it!

Female Red Deer

Another Marsh Tit shot
Cheers for looking, comments destination...Kent on Wednesday!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Took some ok-ish photo's of a Sparrowhawk in flight today, have played around with them on the computer tonight and gave all of them a white background, i think it makes them standout a little better than the dull grey of the sky! Enjoy!