Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The last day of summer?!

Despite not feeling brilliant it was a nice Monday evening and with the weather potentially turning awful during the week i thought it was a good chance to take a walk along the river at my nearest nature reserve - Oughtonhead Common in Hitchin. I would really recommend people take a trip down there, summer or winter it's a lovely walk and although it's not a place for real rare animals this year i've been treated to water rail, kingfisher, goldcrest and little owl amongst others. It's quite a popular walk amongst dog walkers and people with children etc, which i think makes the animals that little bit tamer....monday night was no exception with some Long Tailed Tits being really confident and letting me get very close. Enjoy the pictures!

Grey Squirrel nibbling on an acorn


Long Tailed Tit

Blue Tit

Spotted Flycatcher

Little Owl

House Sparrow (outside my house!)

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