Wednesday, 9 September 2009

From Harrier to Hedgehogs

Bit of a bizarre night that began with myself and Adam hurtling from work to see one of the UK's rarest Raptor visitors but ended with one of it's most common mammals....

Upon leaving work we were unsure whether to make the trip towards Cambridge in the hope of spotting a male Pallid Harrier. A very scarce visitor to the UK and not often seen, but absolutely stunning. We decided to go for it but as the light faded we were left dissapointed as we didn't get a glimpse. A nice Barn Owl helped make up for it but we were still gutted.

On the drive home there was talk of wanting to see a Hedgehog, an animal that is fairly common but these days can be tricky to see. A few were spotted legging it across roads which was nice but we wanted a photo,before dropping Adam off we finally came across one rummaging around some bushes. It was great to spend a few minutes photographing this hefty chap who didn't seem to care, enjoy!

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  1. Lovely shots of the 'hog. What bright eyes they have.